PiMail - Your Marketing Accelerator

Email is one of the most efficient and cost effective way to distribute information to a large group of audience. With the advanced scheduling and mailing list segmentation features, PiMail helps you to deliver personalized messages under your full control. It is highly proven that PiMail is a very powerful tool for various types of marketing promotions, brand building and enhancing customer loyalty.

What can PiMail help you

PiMail is the fastest way to reach your target audience by sending your message to thousands of customers with just a mouse click. You save plenty of lag time in printing, mail posting and advertising scheduling. With PiMail, your campaigns can react to market changes in a timely manner.

PiMail will also enhance your marketing promotion by providing:

  • 2-way communication with your customers
  • better tracking and measurement on what you concern the most - Result
  • tools to manage your most valuable resource - your client contact database